FZF frontend for pass
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This is a script heavily inspired by rofi-pass, but with FZF instead of Rofi. There’s still a lot to do and this is just the first version. As it is now, it is only compatible with Sway (see TODO section)


  • Figure out a way to keep ydotool running after the popup terminal closes. Right now we can only support Sway because swaymsg is used to move the terminal out of the way
  • Add detection for different fields, and show them only if they are there. Right now every field is hardcoded
  • Add copy to clipboard option
  • Make the most used pass entries show up first (don’t know if it can be done with fzf)


For Arch Linux users, there is an AUR package. For all others, just download the script and point to it in your keybind.


Add a keybind to your Sway config like so:

bindsym $mod+p exec $term --class fzf-pass -e sh -c fzf-pass

To make instances of fzf-pass float, here’s how you can do it:

for_window [app_id="fzf-pass"] focus, floating enabled, border pixel 1


Any contributions are welcome! You can submit your PR’s at my Git server (this is what I would prefer) or the mirrors at GitLab or GitHub

You can also report bugs and submit feature requests at the issue trackers on the previously mentioned platforms.